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We have a variety of departments working behind the scenes to make the show fantastic. Our shows couldn't happen without crew's help!

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Stage Management

Managing the Departments

The stage manager and their team coordinate everything during the rehearsals and performances. They keep track of cues, manage the backstage flow, and ensure that the show runs smoothly. 

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Costume Coordinator

Costume designers and dressers are responsible for creating, fitting, and maintaining the costumes worn by the cast.  During the performances, they help actors with quick costume changes.  They will also help actors with makeup & hair if needed. 

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Design, Building & Painting

The set building involves skilled carpenters, craftsmen, and technicians that are responsible for turning design concepts into tangible structures. They select appropriate materials, such as wood, metal, and fabric, and use various tools to build and assemble the set pieces.   Painters and scenic artists create textures, colors, and details that match the artistic direction of the production.

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Props Coordiators

The props crew is responsible for gathering, organizing, and maintaining all props used in the play or musical.  They ensure that props are in the right place at the right time.

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Lighting & Backdrops

The lights department sets the mood through lighting and creates atmospheres fitting for the show.


Sound effects & Communication

The sound crew manages all audio aspects, including microphones, speakers, and music playback. They ensure that actor's' voices are amplified appropriately, and that sound effects and music cues are executed on cue. 

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Photo Oct 31 2023, 4 23 59 PM.jpg
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The publicity department makes sure people know of Leland Drama shows and gather an audience. They make the programs, posters, shirts for crew & cast, Instagram posts, and keep the website up to date.

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